What is prototyping?

If an idea for a product has gone through the conceptual development favorably, the physical product development phase follows. In this phase our engineers construct a detailed, visual or physical, prototype of the product concept. This part of the engineering process is called prototyping. 

Our method
In the concept development phase the engineers have already worked with drawings, sketches, CAD drawings or just a description of the concept. This is the basis from which a first design of the prototype is made. Prototyping is a proven method for tackling problems early and for practically testing the concept against applicability, feasibility and expectations from the market and from the customer.

Our R&D department is constantly developing prototypes due to the demand for new products. These product concepts are tested extensively. The feasibility of putting the concept into production is also being examined. Due to the complexity, the development of a new product concept can sometimes take months or years. 

Virtual prototypes
First, there is a virtual prototype designed by experienced technical draughtsmen. LEDfactory or the customer gets an image thanks to the virtual prototype. In the process towards a fully-fledged product, it can be determined at this stage whether the virtual concept meets the wishes. LEDfactory uses virtual prototypes to prevent unnecessary time and money being spent at an early stage in developing a physical prototype that might not be able to meet the requirements.

Additional advantages of virtual prototypes are the speed of digitally sharing new prototypes. The ability to guarantee and approve each phase and giving feedback about the outcome and result of the concept. In this way, adjustments can be made directly to the virtual prototype.

“At LEDfactory, the engineering team works on the basis of the so-called ‘In-house rapid prototyping’ method. With this, a physical prototype is produced using the virtual prototype."

Functional and tangible
After the virtual prototyping phase, a functional physical prototype is being worked on. At LEDfactory, the engineering team works on the basis of the so-called "In-house rapid prototyping" method. A physical prototype is produced with the help of the virtual prototype. The team works together with local partners to be able to present a functioning prototype quickly and efficiently. In this phase the costs of the final production process become clear. Will it be a Go or No Go? Is it profitable or unprofitable? Does it fit in the budget or not?

After completing the process of prototyping a product concept, the LEDfactory service does not stop. In addition to support during the entire life cycle of the product, a client receives all documentation regarding the product and associated installation instructions for the end user.

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