Research & Development

LEDfactory has its own R&D department. Our engineers go through a proven method of a product development process and work meticulously. The research and development of new innovative LED lighting then goes through a number of phases.

The engineering process usually starts with a demand from the market or a personal wish of a customer, a so-called "custom made" luminaire. All ideas are initially collected. A rough selection of the best ideas is then made. From these ideas a concept development of a luminaire is made. The possibilities of LED lighting are unlimited in terms of design, technology and applicability. Our engineers like a challenge and the R&D team therefore closely follows the latest developments in the field of LED lighting industry.

"The wish of the client is central and is our challenge."

The goal of the LEDfactory engineers is to come to a solution based on demand. The solution should ultimately lead to a desired end product. Innovating our own products is a continuous process of Research & Development that starts when the newest luminaire is just on the market. Every new product goes through a life cycle that unfortunately is finite. When developing new luminaires, we align our strategy with feasibility and market demand. Even a grant application can be part of the research and development research. Our R&D team strives to stay one step ahead of the competition by innovating our current products.

“LEDfactory strives for an optimally organized sustainable production process. From the design phase to the final phase of the development process of a new product, the process-oriented organization is efficiently thought through."

The entire project is transparent in the conceptual development of a custom-made luminaire. From the start, every step during the process is extensively discussed with the customer or client. Every update of the development of the desired product goes via a short line and the addressing is personal. In this way you as a client stay informed of every phase of the development process and the feasibility of the project. After each phase there is a decision moment: stop or continue? And you decide! 

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