Production - The R&D department of LEDfactory invents and develops new luminaires. By producing the luminaires in-house, LEDfactory can strive for and guarantee high quality.

The team members of the Production department work from a personal intrinsic motivation. They only want to deliver the highest possible quality. The production processes of the luminaires are ENEC certified. With this, the Production department guarantees the safety and quality of the luminaires produced. The focus of production is based on sustainable and environmentally responsible production.

Custom Made
The flexibility of producing in our own factory has many advantages, such as the lack of an intermediary. That is why LEDfactory can deliver at the best price / quality ratio. Another advantage is the collegial collaboration with the R&D department, as a result of which we can quickly develop and present Custom Made prototypes to the customer. Thanks to the synergy of the departments, there is enormous technical knowledge of luminaires within each department. The working method of the departments is focused on the wishes of the client and uses the knowledge and skills to be able to offer a customized Custom Made luminaire to every customer.

OEM production
We are an Original Equipment Manufacturer that has been working with international partners for quite some time. The Sales department of LEDfactory works with so-called framework agreements, which include the minimum purchase of luminaires on an annual basis. Our luminaires produced under Private Label with their own logo and partner's color are sold all over the world. In the Netherlands we mainly work with larger installation companies, barn organizers and other stakeholders from the Agribusiness. 

“The demand for our excellent and sustainable luminaires is increasing exponentially. For more information about a customized collaboration, contact the Sales department.”

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