The English word 'utility', translated into Dutch means 'usefulness'. Buildings without a residential purpose with a particular purpose are Non-residential buildings. These mostly large buildings are used to work or stay in by many different people at the same time.

LEDfactory supplies A-quality LED lighting for utility buildings. Because there are many applications within the domain of utility, LEDfactory responds to the specific wishes of the customer and the individual needs of the users. Replacing of the current lighting with LED lighting? No problem for the Light Designers of our customer service. The highly motivated office staff works out the best tailor-made lighting plan for every building, including work quotes to start with. You can then present the well substantiated Light Plan to your client.

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"Non-residential buildings, such as industrial buildings, factory halls, business premises, offices, schools, storage areas, retail, shopping centers, government buildings, stations, garages, care homes, hospitals, etc." 

Smart lighting solutions for utility
The constant demand for LED lighting has ensured that Research & Development into smart LED lighting has gone further than just energy saving and the design of new luminaires. The development of Smart Building Automation is a direction that is already taken into account at LEDfactory in project applications. None of the newest technologies is strange to our Light Designers. They have knowledge about daylight control systems, sensors, smart controllers with operation via a touchscreen and an integrated light management system that can easily communicate with other building-related systems via an Ethernet protocol. They also have knowledge about DALI controlled light management systems, wired and unwired, with or without a link to an alarm or security installation. Challenge our Light Designers with your request for a project application!

Light as a Service
With the development of LED lighting, LEDfactory takes a different look at its role as a producer and supplier in the current market. The concept "Light as a Service" (LAAS) changes the way of working. A business model in which lighting is not a product but a service and paves the way for circularity and the reuse of raw materials. Collaboration with the installer and customer is essential for this service. At LAAS, the customer no longer pays for the purchase of the fixture, but for its use. The Service & Maintenance installer can check remotely which luminaires do not function properly.

"LEDfactory thinks along with the installer and the client on the basis of transparent and high-quality project management."

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