General - LEDfactory mainly produces luminaires for Agribusiness in-house. The innovation of current and the development of new luminaires is a continuous process. The stock of our luminaires is minimal and focused on demand and the final confirmation via the purchase order. The handling of a request for a project application by the office staff takes an average of 2 weeks and the delivery time is approximately 6 weeks.

Utility- In addition to the production of its own luminaires, LEDfactory supplies A-quality LED lighting for utility buildings. These utility luminaires are developed and produced by our Dutch partners. Top quality "Made in Holland" products for the total installer who wants to offer his or her client the best under the same conditions. Our light advisers go for smart lighting solutions for every project and request that come from utility installers.

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Private label - The production of these luminaires, mainly for our international partners, has been around for a long time. We have already welcomed national partners. Our Sales department works with framework agreements, including the minimum purchase of luminaires on an annual basis. Your luminaires get your own logo/ corporate identity and color. Feel free to ask our Sales department your question.

Custom Made - You ask and we construct. Our own R&D department has the possibility to develop Custom Made prototypes very quickly. For you as an architect, consultant, installer an opportunity to present a customized luminaire to the end user or customer. Just challenge our engineers.

Durability and quality - The products from our factory are produced, designed and marketed on the basis of the principles of the circular economy. The components and raw materials of the luminaires are of high quality and can be reused.

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