Smart lighting solutions for Agribusiness and Utility

LED lighting

LEDfactory strives for perfection in the development of sustainable LED lighting. It has the ambition to grow globally. Produces its luminaires and custom-made specials according to self-imposed high quality requirements and gives a minimum of 5 years warranty.

Every project has a predetermined destination and purpose. Each luminaire is suitable for a specific application, but not suitable for every project. The hallmark of a successful project revolves around thorough preparation and ultimately making the right choices. The best decisions are made when LEDfactory has been fully informed from the start. Our project team prefers to work with you from the orientation phase of a project to completion. Good Project management from LEDfactory is without doubt an added value to your project. 

"LEDfactory focuses on developing smart lighting solutions to improve the well-being for humans and animals." 

Coming up with a sustainable solution starts with good listening to the client or customer. Your supplier or manufacturer of LED lighting will then offer you a luminaire that is the best lighting solution for your project. 

Partly due to the current energy transition and the fast-growing "Smart Building Automation", in particular in the Utility sector. There is a fast development in the lighting industry of tailor-made and designed lighting solutions. What do you think of imitating daylight from sunrise to sunset in a care home? An environment where some elderly people are no longer able to go outside due to an illness such as dementia.

“At LEDfactory, the customer is assured of a product that guarantees quality and durability.”

Advantages of LED lighting:
• animal and human welfare improved through the use of high-quality luminaires
• increase productivity, less fatigue, healthier, less loss, illness etc.
• LEDs can be controlled, for example dimming, mixing colors and simulating daylight
• high-quality luminaires have more burning hours and burn optimally for longer
• significant energy savings possible with smart light management systems

“LEDfactory is happy to share its knowledge, because insufficient knowledge leads to comparison in price and not in comparison in added value.”

Disadvantages of cheaper LED lighting:
• the quality of LED lighting of cheaper luminaires often leaves something to be desired with

• poor quality has a negative effect on productivity and well-being
• cheaper fixtures are replaced more often and have a shorter lifespan
• installation and service costs are often higher due to inferior quality components
• requests, delivery, service and handling from suppliers are often substandard 

Pay attention to the correct specifications of the fixture with your request, compare product sheets and specifications! Cheap is often expensive, so bring the Return On Investment and added value to the attention of your client.

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