Smart LED lighting provides energy savings. The quality of the current generation of LED lighting has improved considerably. LEDfactory only goes for A-quality. Read more
LED lighting has many applications. The R&D department of LEDfactory is the pivot of what our organization is all about. The focus of our engineers focuses on custom-made solutions and applications. Read more
Part of the engineering process is designing a prototype. With prototyping a detailed visual and/ or physical version of a product is made. Read more

Made in Holland


Since 2010, LEDfactory has focused on the development of LED lighting. In this decade, she has devised and produced specialist LED solutions in an innovative way. The LEDfactory luminaires are "Made in Holland". As a company we work with national partners to be able to offer our clients products of "Top Dutch quality". LEDfactory assures you of sustainable, high-quality and reliable LED lighting solutions.

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