Production of LED lighting for people, flora and fauna through innovation

About LEDfactory

LEDfactory is located at Archimedesweg in Leeuwarden and has been in existence for 10 years. From the start, the company started to develop and produce luminaires for Intensive Livestock Farming.

LEDfactory strives to improve human and animal welfare by developing smart lighting solutions.

LEDfactory focuses on perfection in the development of sustainable LED lighting. It has the ambition to grow globally. Produces its luminaires and custom-made specials according to self-imposed high quality requirements and provides a minimum of 5 years warranty.

"We do business from North to South in the Netherlands and around the world."

Since the beginning of 2019, LEDfactory has been focusing on the Utility sector alongside Agribusiness. She started collaborating with Dutch developers and producers of A-quality LED lighting for the Utility sector. LEDfactory launches its own "brand" on the market in collaboration with its partners. Of course with a minimum of 5 years warranty and long service life.

The current 15 employees see the number of colleagues increasing regularly through innovation and growth. In addition to producing luminaires for poultry farming, luminaires are now being developed and produced for pig, cattle, turkey, horse and goat farming. And development does not stop there.

"We achieve our goals with full conviction through a plan we firmly believe in."

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What does LEDfactory offer you as a client?

Passion for smart lighting solutions for the Agribusiness and Utility buildings

At LEDfactory, the customer is assured of a product that guarantees quality and durability.

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